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Alysse McDonough, Marriage and Family Intern


Alysse has always had a passion for healing and helping.  After seven years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical field, she turned her focus on understanding relationships in a new way.  Alysse plays upon her experience of teaching and training in the clinical setting, using a logical and foundational approach to relationships. 

Most couples come to marriage counseling in the final states of marital dissatisfaction.  They wait until both are angry, hurt and bitter...and even then, there is hope.  Come in with your partner and find out how to move through this pain and create a marriage of strength.

Alysee's intuition paired with compassion and clinical skill, help to get to the root of relationship struggles.  Whether couples, families or individuals, Alysse will meet you where you are and help you to move where you want to go.  Alysee is completing her coursework and embarking on her clinical experiences with CIT, bringing her gifts and skills to share here.

In her free time, Alysse enjoys spending time with her husband, and three dogs.  You will also often find her at a yoga class, her favorite for mind and body healing.

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