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Client Testimonials

Hear from our previous clients about their experiences.

Jessica P.

After my husband was in ICU with brain bleeding, Dr Schindler is the first one to actually be able to help him. My husband was close to being brain dead. Now he can talk, remember, and his anxiety and depression is gone. Thank you!

Whitney R.

From the moment you walk in, Dr. Schindeler makes you feel comfortable and important. His passion to help people is so evident in his work. Before working with him, I suffered from chronic headaches, anxiety, and chronic sleep problems. Neurofeedback changed my life, no question. I now fall sleep quickly and stay asleep. I rarely have a headache and my general anxiety has greatly reduced/basically gone away . I am now a better version of myself because of Dr. Schindeler.

Many F.

When an injury in Afghanistan caused a life sentence disease my life was over. The people at the Center For Integrated Therapies with their genuine care didn’t allow me to give up on finding a new life path. Their sincere care goes above and beyond the average. I will be forever grateful!

Rachel M.

Amazing clinicians who truly care about their clients’ progress and mental health.

Rob B.

I have had previous concussions in my younger years from sports and other activities. Three years ago I had head trauma from a large piece of wood falling on my head building a playground. Went to the ER they scanned me and gave me 800mg of Tylenol and sent me home. My wife, family and work started to notice my demeanor and negative attitude change that no one associated with the concussions I had through out the years. I found myself forgetting simple things, picking my son up, driving to wrong places, showing up at weird times and impacting my career to the point I was going to lose it. The breaking point was I started blacking out becoming an absolute monster and the last incident led to me destroying a tv, ramming a car, standing in the middle of the road yelling at the top of my lungs until my wife called the Sheriff’s Department. I sought help thinking I had a major mental problem and found Dr. Curtis Schindeler at Center For Integrated Therapies. He started me on a Neurofeedback program and changed my life. I have salvaged my marriage, career and fixed my problem without drugs or group meetings. If you have to ask yourself “Do I need help” then I would talk to them and see if this could work for you, it’s life changing and helps you get back to who you should be.

Jeremy K.

I came to see Curtis when I was having a really hard time with depression. The combination of Curtis being a fantastic therapist along with neuro feedback being amazing technology has changed my life for the better and has driven me to get my Master’s Degree in social work.

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