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Our Team

Meet our team of experienced mental health professionals who can guide you through your journey.


Dr. Curtis is a leading expert in the field of neurological causes of mental illness. He is dedicated to his clients and uses a result driven approach to really alleviate the symptoms of mental illness. 

His special interest in trauma brought Neurofeedback to our center

Melissa has spent over twenty years working with children and families in a variety of settings from play therapy, groups and school settings.  She delights in helping children, teens and families grow into healthier places. She also enjoys digging into the root causes of health issues, she is inspired by years of experience with functional medicine.  She is eager to engage in diagnosis and therapeutic support for making changes.  Melissa combines these passions with individual and group therapy sessions and specialized breath work.


Melissa also has special interests in helping children and families struggling with the impact of Lyme disease and Strep infections, sometimes resulting in PANS or PANDAS.  These symptoms require specific diagnostics and have treatment options based on a variety of issues.  Having experienced Lyme disease herself, she understands the challenges that this diagnosis presents to individuals and families.

Dr Ann has been the Clinical Director and Supervisor at the Center for Integrated Therapies  since 2013.  She uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy, with Individuals and Groups, children, adolescents and adults. Dr Ann provides clinical assessments, diagnosis, reports and counseling for many mental health issues.  She supervises and supports clinical interns from masters practicum level to full licensure.  She is fully trained in Neurotherapy with Brain Paint systems.  In her free time she loves to be on the water, sailing, swimming, or the beach with her family.  She practices yoga and mediation and has a strong faith practice.  Ann believes in the importance of creative expression and loves to draw, paint and create.  Gardening is also a favorite pastime with any excuse to get into the dirt!


“I have had the blessing of many amazing mentors and teachers throughout the last thirty years.  Integrating intensive training from several models as well as living life, raising children, being a wife, and caring for parents has taught me that no one gets through this world without some joy and plenty of pain.  It is our goal to help our clients to experience joy again and find ways to balance life, their brain, their wellbeing and create a life with more happiness and peace.”


“We didn’t get to pick our problems, and we get to solve them anyway!”


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